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Chicago Tribune- Underground Agent, St. Joseph Kit Holds Out Hope For Home Sellers
...So you want to sell your home quickly and you've heard that burying a statue of St Joseph in the yard will help.
But what if you're a non-believer? Where do you buy a statue? How big does it need to be? How do you bury it? If you do it the wrong way, does some kind of "saint patrol" wipe out the buyer's financing and then come after you?
A friend of Karin Reenstierna and Phil Cates' suffered from an information gap of this sort. When the friend's Methodist mother told her about the selling power of St. Joseph, she ran out, bought a statue and stuck it in the ground. Nothing happened.
She called her mother back to complain. The mother, whose own home had just sold within two weeks of burying St. Joseph, asked her daughter to describe the statue. "I think you have the wrong statue," said the mother.
Sure enough, it was a St. Christopher. That's when Reenstierna and Cates... came up with St Joseph: "The Underground Real Estate Agent Kit"...

Stockton Record - Brokers Bury Saints For Home Sales
...As real estate sales dive, sellers and brokers are calling on the saint to perform mircles.
The most popular saintly salesman is St Joseph, the patron saint of the family and household needs...

The Tampa Tribune - Some Home Sellers are Putting Their Faith In A Statue
Perhaps you've heard of the St. Joseph craze that's sweeping the country? Apparently, a good many people believe that if you bury a statue of St. Joseph in your yard, your house will quickly sell. Some people swear by it...

San Diego Tribune - Bad Housing Market? You'll Know When They Deep-Six Patron Saint
...At 3" tall , this real estate agent may be short in stature but many claim he's big on sales. Thousands are preaching his ability to sell homes in sluggish markets. Who's this agent extraordinaire? St. Joseph...

The Courier /Journal - Home Sellers Plant Statue Of Saint Joseph To Lure Buyers
...He outsells his closest competitor, the blessed Virgin, five to one at the Tonini Church Supply Co. He is sought by people who can't tell a scapular from a rosary...More and more Louisville-area home sellers and agents are burying statues of St. Joseph in yards and asking for his intercession to bring buyers.
..."It's gone crazy. We can hardly keep the statues in stock," says Bill Tonini...

The Oregonian - Tough Sale? Put A Saint On The Case
...You think you know Joseph. Sure, he was the father-well,stepfather of Jesus. And yes, he was a carpenter. And Catholics know he has been designated the patron saint of the family.
...But busy as he is, Joseph also cares whether or not you sell your home.

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