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Our Affilate Program

Of Our Affiliate Program

About Affiliate Programs

Understand the Affiliate Marketing Concept

Think of affiliate marketing as a website owner, also known as, merchant, or advertiser, borrowing a little piece of real estate on your website, blog, email, or e-newsletter to place a billboard for your visitors to see. When a visitor enters the merchant's site through your "online door," you get a percentage of that visitor's purchase. Very cool, don't you think.

The Three Participants in Affiliate Marketing

Online Merchant
An online merchant, also known as an advertiser, is a business that sells a product(s) or service(s) to the public from their website.

To increase product awareness, online merchants often partner with other online platforms, blogs and websites, to gain exposure, this is a type of advertising.
Online Publisher
An online publisher, also known as an affiliate, can take many forms:
  • An online merchant
  • An information site or blog
  • A news site or blog
  • An e-newsletter
  • A forum
Generally, online publishers are interested in creating an addition revenue stream for Online Merchants.
Affiliate Network
Affiliate Networks are 100% online brokers that connect merchants with publishers for a substantial transaction fee, paid by the merchant. They also provide merchant and publisher an accounting/tracking service to disburse commission to publisher. Affiliate networks, such as Commission Junction, act as a clearing house. Business is primarily conducted online and is mechanical with rare live interaction between people.

Affiliate Marketing -The Mechanics

How the merchant knows where the purchaser came from…
Internet Cookies and codes with unique identifying numbers track the dollar spent, where it came from, and how much an affiliate, aka, publisher, gets paid.

How publishers are paid…
In general terms, the publisher earns a percentage of each sale. Earnings are accumulated and paid out when specific volume requirements are achieved. Advertisers can pay an affiliate directly by check or direct deposit, or in some cases a third party, know as a Network Affiliate disperses funds. Each merchant/advertiser may differ in payment methods. For specifics, refer to the merchant's terms and conditions at enrollment or registration.

How activity is monitored…
Depending on the merchant, information is available to the publisher 24/7 online. Some merchants provide very sophisticated monitoring and tracking information in order to help the publisher refine affiliate marketing campaigns.

It's a Two-Way Street…
Websites are being designed and redesigned every minute to accommodate affiliate program income opportunities. Not only can a become a publisher, if you are a merchant selling a product, you can create an affiliate program for your own site, just as we have done at StJosephstatue.com.

How this all came about…
For the majority of consumers, our dollars are spent on the path of least resistance and affordability. The emergence and eruption of affiliate marketing programs which offer inexpensive, targeted advertising and point of purchase at our finger tips is a result of consumer needs. This is why many bookstores closed the doors after Amazon.com launched its bookselling site; convenience, and better deals. As an internet pioneer, Amazon.com invited others to share in Amazon's profits thru their affiliate marketing program. In the time it would take to find our car keys, we can buy it online.

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