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Does burying a St. Joseph Statue guarantee my house will sell fast?

Burying a St. Joseph Statue is a display of faith. It is a simple physical actof faith, a tradition you can use in addition to prayer. The response received by each individual is determined by the will of God. If you put the sale of your home in God's hands, showing faith with prayer and the tradition of a St. Joseph Statue, your home will sell according to God's will.

Can St. Joseph help if I want to buy a house?

The tradition started as an act of faith and aid to Nuns when aquiring new land or structures for use by the church. Many people believe this tradition then also applies to people who want to purchase a specific property. We do not recommend digging a hole and burying a St. Joseph Statue with out the current owners knowledge and permission.

Does St. Joseph help with the sale of business properties too?

Some say yes, some say no. We believe the tradition is an act of faith and applies when a physical show of faith is appropriate.

Who will bill my credit card?

The charge on your credit card statement will show StJosephStatue.com

Who is StJosephStatue.com?

StJosephStatue.com is the result of years of providing St. Joseph Statue home selling kits to believers. In 1990 Karin Reenstiernaand Phil Cates, wife and husband, formed Inner Circle Marketing for the purpose of providing St. Joseph statue to believers with their "Underground Real Estate Agent" Kits. The home based business sold St. Joseph statues kits via mail order, primarily by word of mouth and media support. In the late 90's, e developed StJosephStatue.com to make it easy for believers to acquire a St. Joseph statue for use in the home selling tradition. We've also tried to add a few other usefull tools and features like home listings and (coming soon) a database of believers working in the real state industry.

How long have you been providing St. Joseph Statue "The Underground Real Estate Agent" kits to believers?

ICM has been offering the kits for over 15 years. Initially direct by mail and for the last 6 years via the internet.

Why do you ship via USPS?

The simple answer - to keep the prices down. UPS of FedEx Ground (5 to 8 days) is $5.00 to $8.00 versus the USPS 1st Class (3 to 5 days) at less than a $1.00. We do offer Airborne Expedited (1 to 2 days) as a paid option (prices).

How can I check on the status of my order?

If you have the Invoice # and the Last Name of the purchaser as provided on your Order Confirmation e-mail, use this URL to get detailed information: www.stjosephstatue.com/track

How long will it take to get my order?

3 to 10 business days from the date ordered. Estimated times of arrival from the ship date on the status page is:
3 Business Days to the West coast
5 Business Days to the East coast