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Our Newest Letters (2002)

March 19, 2002

Just wanted you to know that starting at the time when I ORDERED my statue, we received eight offers to purchase our home! Our closing date is the beginning of June. Thank you for your encouragement and thank you St. Joseph!


P.S. I've also been praying to St. Joseph that my husband finds work!

March 12, 2002

I bought a statue from you several months ago and planted it in my yard. My house sold in 2 1/2 weeks. We closed yesterday and I went back to the house to dig it up. I had marked the spot but my marker is gone. I dug 4 holes but could not find it and decided I better quit digging in a yard that is no longer mine. Are there supposedly any myths about not digging up St. Joseph and putting him in your new home? Just hoping that I will not have any bad luck!


Danelle McKinnis

March 6, 2002

I did some work (painting) for a very good client back in September, 2001. I ordered a statue for them as a "Thank You" gift. Turned out that their house went on the market on 9/11/01. (That's the day when they put the "For Sale" sign up.) St Joseph had a tall order to fill, due to all horrible things that took place on that day; however, St. Joseph came through for them, because they SOLD their house in less than a month!

I just ordered another St.Joseph statue for another one of my clients, hopefully, St. Joseph can help them out too.

All the best,
Anthony Link

March 4, 2002


My house had been on the market for two months prior to receiving the statue. I received an offer 3 weeks to the day after I buried my statue of St. Joseph. We went through escrow and recording 2/25/02, so it is finalized. I will go through escrow on my new house March 7, I was cutting it pretty close. I will definitely put my statue of St. Joseph in an honored place in my new home as I promised. I think my statue was the vehicle I needed to re-affirm my faith that my home would sale.

Thanks so much!
Shirley A. Pope
Las Vegas, Nevada

February 23, 2002

Mark me as another happy realtor who used the intercession of St. Joseph. The house was on the market for a number of months and we had no offers at all. Then, an offer came in and while it wasn't the best offer monetary wise, it offered a quick closing and I do mean "quick". It was only 17 days from the acceptance of the offer to the closing table. WOW!! Thank you to St. Joseph!

Marge Tessner
Century 21 Accent Realty

January 10, 2002

I put my house on the market in the middle of December. Lots of people have veiwed it and said they liked it but I had no offers.

I received the statue saturday and planted it in the yard. An open house was scheduled for last Sunday. The agent said so many people showed up he thought he was having a party. I received 2 full price offers and the house is now under contract.

This works great!

Brenda Rogers

August 8, 2001

Our house sold the day I received St. Joseph in the mail!! Great timing, huh? I'm keeping him for the next time we move. Thanks.

Becky DeRoche

October 3, 2001

To think just a month ago I was biting my nails, cursing my realtor, and worried that my home would never sell. I am happy to report that all of those thoughts and feelings have vanished now that my home has SOLD!

I originally put my home up for sale the first week of June. I was going to be relocating from Washington to California and needed to sell fast! I was priced fairly, the house showed great, and the feedback I was getting from other realtors showing my house was very positive. I remember the first weekend it was listed and not one person came to look at the house. I was baffled! June tuned into July and we still had no offers and the foot traffic seemed to come to a halt. The first week of June I lowered my price below the other comparable listings in my city, but still no luck. I thought back to a story I heard from one of my managers about the St. Joseph Statue and how it had worked for him TWICE. To be honest, I laughed it off thinking it was a cute story, but in no way took him seriously. As my corporate housing was running out and the thought of me possibly having to move back to Washington, I felt I had nothing to lose, but to order the statue, fly back to Washington, and give it a try.

I arrived in Washington on a Thursday, buried that night, and maintained positive thoughts. The following morning (Friday) two realtors called to say they would be bringing clients by over the weekend. I thought to myself, "at least this is drawing up some traffic." Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m., there was a knock on my door which woke me up. I quickly grabbed a few items and ran to the door anticipating leaving quickly since I didn't like to be there while my house was being shown. The realtor had parked behind my rental car, so I was unable to leave. I had a good feeling about things since they were in my house for about 30 minutes. They came out of the house and the seller asked me a few questions of which I was more than happy to answer. They made some positive comments about the house and finally left. I felt good and realized that it would have been a miracle if they made an offer on the spot. Well, there were three more showings over the course of the weekend and I had to fly back to California on Monday. As I was at the airport, my cell phone rang. The buyers agent called to tell me they had an offer and wanted to catch me before I flew out. I had already checked in and was going to be boarding shortly, so the possibility of me staying was not likely. I ended up speaking to my realtor when I got back to California and he said that in addition to the offer I was already aware of, he received two others! I will admit, all three offers came in low...much lower than I was expecting. However (and this is the good part), all three participants were now in a position to bring in there best offer. I was so relieved and somewhat baffled.

To bring this wonderful story to a close, I ended up selling the house to the original offer that came from the Saturday morning showing and closed in 30 days. This experience has been something I will never forget and have no hesitancy to lets others know about the St. Joseph Statue. I am know and will forever be a believer in this wonder.

Thank you so much!


August 24, 2001

You will NOT believe this. We received our statue on Thursday. My husband and I promptly went to plant St. Joseph (as directed). We late that day got a call that someone who had been to see the house before wanted to come back to look again. That was YESTERDAY. They came this morning and signed the deal. I am shocked.

Now... (removed for privacy) I am telling everyone about your miracle sell..



August 20, 2001

I'm amazed ...... We got an offer on our house today and I have ordered another St Joseph Statue for a family member who is also having difficulty selling their home. AMAZING!!!

Best Regards,
Priscilla Adams


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