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Our Most Recent Letters

February 03, 2016

I had multiple offers within the first week and was under contract within 10 days.

Rori Peters

February 02, 2016

Tavernier Court, Apex NC 27539 12-03-2010
I put the For Sale by Owner sign up along with the St. Joseph Statue on a Thursday evening.

At 10:30 am on Friday I got a call from Scott Turner. He was getting married. They bought our home.

Then we used St. Joseph again…
Ambergate Station, Apex NC 27502 Sold 04-23-2014

We bought this model home in a New Urbanism subdivision. Weed wacker yards with garages in back with alleys. We lived there 3 yrs. When I decided that I needed a yard again.

We put this place up for Sale on a Thursday night. Once again, the first person that looked at our home wanted it – Robin Reich. She toured our home at 9:30 am on Friday with her realtor. By 11:30 am I had an offer in hand. We also had another offer in the afternoon from a retired couple moving here from South Carolina.

St. Joseph is in a glass cabinet in our entry hall of our current home where we plan to stay until we have to move.

Thank you,

Dee Dee Myers Smith
North Carolina

June 24, 2014

St. Joseph sold our home!

I am so happy I bought St. Joseph! I buried him upside down next to our mailbox and where the realtor put our For Sale sign. About nine months later, (during a terribly rough time for the real estate market), a realtor called out of the blue to ask if we wanted to list our home with him, since the other realtor's contract ended. My husband said to tell the realtor no, but I told him Yes! He called a month later to say he had a buyer who wanted to look at our home, but was pretty sure already they wanted it. The only problem was, we had to move in two weeks as they wanted to put their kids in school. It all worked out great.......we sold our house and moved within three weeks from closing. We found a much better home, less money, more value, great neighborhood, etc., and have had St. Joseph proudly displayed in our kitchen window from the first day of moving in 3 1/2 years ago.

Thank you, St. Joseph!!!

Rita Evans

February 25, 2013

Dear Phil: Truly, St. Joseph did have his MOJO working, and we are blessed. Our Joe did travel a great distance, and we are awaiting his arrival in Maricopa, Arizona. Not only has he traveled far, he is also elusive.

When we arrived in Brownsville Tx, we put out our For Sale sign, planted him at the base of the sign, head down, facing the street, at a shallow depth and said prayers. Someone from our resort moved our sign to a location farther back from the street, and when we went to retrieve him now that our place has sold, he was nowhere to be found. We have dense St. Augustine grass that had covered the spot, and despite digging, probing the ground with a screwdriver, and many attempts at finding him before we left, he has remained in Brownsville. Friends of ours have vowed to locate him and send him on so he may live with us in our new home here. We have told the purchasers that St. Joseph is in residence there, and his story is widely known. Truly, we are thankful to God, and for St. Joseph's intervention for the sale of our place.

The River Bend Resort where we lived in Brownsville is for sale, and there are many, many park models there on the market, some for several years now. Our place sold one week before our moving date, and closed two days before we left. I do believe that many more folks will be ordering a statue for their places. With gratitude,

MaryBeth Flom
Keewatin, ON Canada

from Modesto, CA to Canada to Texas to Canada, Joe traveled 8K miles

March 15, 2012

Dear Phil, My brother and I have had my father's house listed for almost two years to date. Nothing is moving in Florida. Desperate, despairing, and on a lark I googled "Saint Joseph sell my house fast" yesterday morning and found your site. Just reading the testimonials and articles from others raised my hopes enormously that someone will see my listing, Dad's house would be so perfect for retirees who want to get out of the bitter cold and storms of the winters in the north central U.S. or New England states and enjoy warm, beautiful sunny days from November through May.

When my mother needed to sell the house in New Jersey twenty years ago, she prayed novenas to Saint Joseph and Saint Theresa and within the week an offer was made and the house was sold; this despite the unprecedented ice storms and the continuous gray dark miserable wet weather that winter. I know Saint Joseph hears our prayers and I have strong faith that he will hear my plea and help us sell this house quickly, and to buyers who will love it just as much as my parents did.

Colleen Forest

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