Kit Descriptions
Listings Can Include:
  • Contact Information
  • Regional Information
  • Home Location
  • Area Description
  • Home Description
  • Sizes, Specs & Prices
  • Photo(s)
  • Links to other sites
  • and more . . .
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Believer's Free Home Listing Program

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With the purchase of all St. Joseph Statue kits, believer's are provided the opportunity to list their homes in our Home Listing Database for FREE. This service is provided as another way St. Joseph can help you sell your home. To list your home, you will need to provide the following information (as a minimum):

Administrative Info
(provided by in an order confirmation e-mail, packing slip, listings card, by phone... )
  • Home Code
  • Security Code
Home Information and Specifications
  • Contact person, method and specific information
  • City & State in which property is located
  • Square Footage, Lot Size
  • # of Bedrooms, # of Baths, Garage Size
  • Style of Home (Tudor, Victorian, Spanish)
  • Asking price and information about financing you're willing to consider
  • Description or special features (256 characters or less)
  • Photo (optional: 3.5" wide x 3.5" high at 72dpi MAX-.jpg)

How do you get your own home listed?

Here's Your Answer!

The Believer's Home Listing Database is provided as a service to those placing the selling (or buying) of their homes in the hands of God. Using a St. Joseph Statue as a display of faith is only one step in selling a home. Every believer purchasing a St. Joseph Statue: "The Undeground Real Estate Agent" Kit receives a complimentary Bronze Level listing in our database. You can also purchase a Bronze Level listing and upgrades to Silver or Gold if you already have your own kit.

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If you have this information handy, please continue. Otherwise, round it up and return to this page when ready. If you have not yet ordered your own St. Joseph Statue "The Underground Real Estate Agent" Kit click here to start the process of receiving your kit and no cost listing. You can also purchase listings separately in the St. Joseph Statue store.

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